Since its incorporation in 1955, McDonald's Corporation has not only become the world's largest quick-service restaurant organization, but has literally changed Americans' eating habits--and increasingly the habits of non-Americans as well. On an average day, more than 46 million people eat at one of the company's more than 31,000 restaurants, which are located in 119 countries on six continents. About 9,000 of the restaurants are company owned and operated; the remainder are run either by franchisees or through joint ventures with local businesspeople. In 1954 Ray Kroc, a seller of Multimixer milkshake machines, learned that brothers Richard and Maurice (Dick and Mac) McDonald were using eight of his high-tech Multimixers in their San Bernardino, California, restaurant. His curiosity was piqued, and he went to San Bernardino to take a look at the McDonalds' restaurant.




McDonald’s Trimmed Late Night Menu

McDonald’s is trimming its late-night menu to include  eight of the chain’s most popular meals or category of foods, such as all-day breakfast.

The items available after midnight include: 

  • Big Mac
  • Quarter Pounder burgers
  • Chicken McNuggets
  • All-Day Breakfast
  • Fries and Other Sides, 
  • sweets and Treats like Apple Pie, Happy Meals and McCafĂ© beverages. 

Items now available only before midnight include Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, Filet-O-Fish and premium salads.

Lobster Roll Returns to McDonald's

McDonald’s Restaurants on the East Coast Celebrate the Much Anticipated Lobster Roll for Summer 2016

Lobster lovers rejoice! Beginning June 20, more than 600 McDonald’s restaurants throughout New England and the Albany, New York area will add the Lobster Roll to their summer menus. A local favorite, the Lobster Roll is freshly prepared and made with 100 percent North Atlantic lobster meat lightly tossed with mayonnaise in a stainless steel bowl, layered on crisp leaf and shredded lettuce and served chilled on a home-style toasted roll.

An instant sensation, the Lobster Roll returned to McDonald’s menu last summer for the first time in a decade, creating buzz among media and consumers alike. Fans in New England and beyond rushed to restaurants to get a taste of the summer staple, which garnered rave reviews for its quality and value.

Each lobster is wild caught directly from established East Coast wharfs by multi generational fisherman, who set sail before sunrise to pull in the catch for the day.

Priced at $8.99, the hand prepared Lobster Roll is 290 calories and made with 100 percent North Atlantic lobster meat.

The Lobster Roll will be available through the middle of August at participating McDonald’s restaurants in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut (excluding Fairfield County) and the Albany, NY area.

Chicken Nuggets

McDonald's Restaurant Copycat Recipe

2 pounds chicken (1 lb. white meat + 1 lb. dark meat)
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon parsley flakes
1/2 teaspoon oregano
1/4 teaspoon pepper
2 eggs, beaten
1 cup flour 1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups oil for frying

Heat oil in a heavy-duty skillet (like a cast iron skillet) on medium high heat while preparing the chicken nuggets – it should be ready to work with once half of your nuggets are ready to go in.

Cube the chicken and place in a food processor. Add parsley, oregano, pepper, 1 teaspoon salt and combine well. Blend chicken until it has all been taken apart and is a fine paste.

Combine 1 teaspoon salt and flour on a plate and have your beaten eggs in a small bowl ready to work with. Roll the chicken paste mixture into about 30 ping pong ball sized balls.

Roll “chicken ball” in flour, then in egg, and then in flour again. Then, press the ball down to make a nugget. Set nuggets aside.

Sprinkle the hot oil with some flour and if it bubbles really quickly right away, your oil is ready for frying. Place as many nuggets as possible in the oil, and fry until the bottoms are golden, turn and fry until the other side is golden. Will take about 4 to 5 minutes per side. Remove to a towel lined plate to catch any excess oil.

Breakfast All Day

McDonald’s Finally Wakes Up to All Day Breakfast

A number of consumer surveys have indicated that diners want breakfast items available at lunch and dinner.

McDonald’s breakfast products are popular. But the chain’s success in the morning is also rooted in the chain’s amazing convenience. McDonald’s has arguably the best locations in the fast food business, making its drive-thrus a remarkably convenient place to get breakfast on your way to work.

McDonald's announced it will start serving breakfast all day nationwide beginning October 6, 2015. McDonald’s Corp. is giving customers what they’ve long wanted: Breakfast items after 10:30 a.m.

Exactly what breakfast item will be offered will depend on the location of the restaurant.

n most markets, the company will serve McMuffin sandwiches, including the popular Egg McMuffin that launched McDonald’s popular breakfast daypart back in 1972.

But a few markets, mostly in the South, will serve biscuit sandwiches instead — dependent upon whether biscuits are more popular than McMuffins in those markets, company officials said.

Based on the limitations of serving both breakfast and lunch items at the same time, the company can only offer one type of breakfast sandwich after 10:30 a.m. All markets with all day breakfast will also serve Hotcakes, Sausage Burritos, parfaits, oatmeal and hash browns.

New Menu Items

McDonald's has launched a line of premium mix and match sandwiches it calls Signature Crafted. The line features three topping choices:

  • Maple Bacon Dijon with grilled onions, thick cut bacon and Dijon sauce.
  • Sweet BBQ Bacon with BBQ sauce, bacon and crispy onions.
  • Pico Guacamole  with avocado, pico de gallo and buttermilk ranch sauce.

All come with white cheddar cheese. The topping options are available on a burger patty or crispy chicken.


McDonald’s New Items:

  • Sirloin Third Pound Steakhouse Burger: Seasoned North American sourced beef patty with sautĂ©ed mushrooms, grilled onions, white Cheddar cheese and creamy peppercorn sauce, served on the premium bun previously used for the Angus burger
  • Sirloin Third Pound Bacon & Cheese Burger: Seasoned North American sourced beef patty with bacon, red onion, white Cheddar cheese, pickles, mustard and ketchup, served on a premium bun
  • Sirloin Third Pound Lettuce & Tomato Burger: Seasoned North American sourced beef patty with leaf lettuce, tomato slice, red onion, white Cheddar cheese, pickles, mayonnaise and mustard

Availability: May 12 through the end of June 2015, although the burgers will be available earlier in some markets and can be kept on the menu at franchisees’ discretion


McDonald's New Item: 

  • Artisan Grilled Chicken, replaces the chain’s current grilled chicken in all items, including Grilled Chicken Deluxe Sandwiches, Premium McWraps, Snack Wraps and Premium Salads. The chicken is seasoned with parsley, salt, onion powder and other spices, cooked in a blend of canola oil and olive oil, and seared on the grill. Unlike the previous grilled chicken, it is free of sodium phosphates.

Availability: Currently being rolled out at all U.S. restaurants